We make The World's Best Rental Drop-Deck Trailers! | The Safest Drop-Deck Trailers Available! | Life Easier For Rental Facilities!

Rental Drop-Deck Trailers are always-level, non-tilting, ground-level loading trailers with self adjusting air suspension that generate revenue, eliminate injuries and save valuable time!
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The Rental Drop-Deck Trailer


Airtow Drop-Deck Trailers have answered a rental centers’ top 3 needs:

  1. Safety
  2. Strength
  3. Low-maintenance

There is a great demand for Airtow’s Drop-Deck Trailers in the rental industry for several reasons. First, you can load at ground level! Whether you drive on low clearance equipment such as scissor lifts and pavement sweepers or load with a hand dolly, you can load quickly, safely and with less labor.

Second, Airtow not only loads at ground level but the deck remains level as it raises and lowers. Equipment won’t shift while loading and if loading more than one piece, everything will remain stable until you are ready to secure for travel. This standout feature makes for simple, one-man loading and unloading in any weather condition; sunny, rain, snow or ice. Conditions where trailers with dangerous ramps or difficult tilt beds and poor traction would be too risky to use.

Air suspension is the next reason rental centers are investing in Airtow Trailers. Airtow is the only trailer of its kind on the market that has advance engineered air suspension. With more and more of today’s equipment having sensitive electronic components, gentle handling becomes more important.

Airtow is the world’s only ground-level loading, hydraulic lift trailer with full air suspension.



WATCH A SHORT VIDEO: Moving skid steers, forklifts, scissor lifts and other equipment is safe & easy with an Airtow Drop Deck Trailer.